Interim / Contract

Fast, cost effective and risk free solution to most project resourcing related needs.

Tech People has been providing it’s customers with freelance industry experts since it’s inception 20 years ago. Our interim / contract service has been the backbone of our operations ever since.

With IT projects back on track the market for independent consultants is again very turbulent. At the same time projects are increasingly demanding and usually very tight on time and budget.

To help our clients stay ahead of the curve given these circumstances we emphasize the relevance of our interim / contract offerings.

How we do this?
  • We draw the optimum “Best in Field” experts from our extensive resource pool of professionals within a very a short timeframe and we also comfortably guarantee minimum service levels through back fill and maintained “pipeline” management.
  • We operate without the inhibition of high overheads and long contract chains typically born by traditional consulting firms which allow us to pass on both significant savings on to our clients as well as offer highly competitive rates to our contractors that in turn attracts exceptional professionals.
  • We provide an umbrella of professional indemnity insurance for our consultants for maximum client security.

Find out more on what IT Expertise we have and what makes us Different.